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RhymeStein · 41w
Who will you be voting for in November?
Ranked Vote: Mark "1" for your 1st choice, "2" for your 2nd choice, etc.

RedHerring65 · 5h

Grew up republican. Became a libertarian. I did not vote for either Hillary or Trump last election cycle. I am voting for Trump this election cycle for the following reasons off the top of my head in no particular order:
1) The left supports the BLM organization which at the core is corrupt. It is marxist, anti-family (which is close to the root of black crime, poverty, etc), hateful and hypocritical. Racism is hatred of another group. Racism being redefined to be hatred + power is dangerous and divisive.
2) The left supports antifa which is not just an idea. They have a long track record of intimidation and violence. This is not just to red hat wearing republicans, but to anyone who doesn't fall in line. It took more that 100 days for my leftist leadership in oregon to finally condemn the violence of the protests. Kate Brown is internet explorer.
3) What is the most innocent and precious life on this planet? A human baby. The left believes that ripping apart an innocent living (according to science) being is to be celebrated. This is horrific and at the level of Molech sacrifice that was practiced in the ancient middle east where families would place their babies on metal heated idols as a sacrifice. A person who advocates for the murder of the unborn has no right to be disgusted or look down on a mother who throws her newborn in the trash after birth. A death by the cold is to be preferred over being ripped to pieces (D&C which is the most common late term abortion method).
4) We have to push back against the suppression of science by the left. What is the most obvious fact in biology and nat...


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